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BYOD at Miami State School

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As we continue to innovate and adapt in a world that is ever changing for our students, Miami State School will become a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD iPad) school from 2023 starting with your student (our current Year 3 students).  This will be a gradual roll out over the next 3 years until all students in Years 4, 5 and 6 in 2025 and beyond will be a part of the school’s BYOD Program.
The Miami State School 1:1 iPad program: 
•     Allows for personalised learning

•     Facilitates the development of 21st century knowledge and skills

•     Creates a model for lifelong learning

•     Provides an engaging, interactive learning environment

•     Strengthens links between home and school

•   Allows continuous access to educational materials allowing learning to                        happen ​anywhere, anytime

The advantages of using an iPad include:
•     access to knowledge and information using a variety of content and                            creation apps (many of which are free) to support student learning;
•     access to a wealth of information on the Internet when they need it                             through wireless connectivity;
•     access to rich media including digital stories, image and video;
•     increased productivity through quick loading of apps and quick  response           
      of the iPad;
•     the iPads operating system is very reliable, ensuring maximum 
•     provides simple yet sophisticated text, audio and video-based                                       communication facilities for collaboration with peers, teachers and experts in    
       a local, national or global context;
•     ability to personalise learning and provide work targeted at the correct level for         students;
•  ​   high student engagement both independently and collaboratively.​

Miami’s BYOD program is designed to enrich the learning process, and enhance and extend the type of work being done by students. Our school philosophy is to use technology to develop logical thinking, problem solving, creativity and control techniques that allow our students to become 21st century learners. We adopt an active creation stance, as opposed to being a passive consumer.  As a school we also understand that the use of technology is not a replacement but a modification on the delivery of the curriculum.  The importance of handwriting will remain strong as children need to combine fine motor skills, language, memory and concentration to progress through each stage of handwriting development. 

Battery charging and operating time

The iPad battery is capable of running all day while at school without recharging. We suggest leaving the charger and cable at home and recharge the iPad each night so that you can bring it to school fully charged. Unless you have a Bluetooth keyboard, go into Settings and turn off Bluetooth. This will extend the battery operating time.​

Backing up and operating your iPad

Apple have published useful guides on the basics of operating iPads, including backing up your data. As with all technology things can and do go wrong at times. Whilst the iPad is a reliable and sturdy device, it is always a good idea to maintain a backup of its content and settings. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the various help topics offered by Apple. Click this link to access the guides published by Apple. 

We recommend a weekly backup of data, apps and settings. Follow the appropriate guide and do this by using iTunes on your home computer. Photos and videos are accessed differently and separately from the backup process. Read this separate guide for more details on how to access and backup your photos and videos.​

Connectivity and services

When students are using the iPad on site, they have access to:
School network, web browsing and email.
File servers and access to files stored in their personal folder, common student folders and specific year level folders.
When away from school, students are able to continue their education by accessing a home WiFi network or any free public WiFi service.​

Setting up an Apple ID account

​Parents are encouraged to set up and maintain an Apple ID account on behalf of students. It is recommended that you do this without using your credit card. Follow the instructions for setting up an account without a credit card. Start with the guide for doing this on an iPad. If that doesn't work then try the guide for doing it on a computer using Apple ID. To setup an Apple ID follow the instructions on setting up an Apple ID​.

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