Principal's welcome

Students come to our school with a wealth of knowledge, ability and experience from their ever changing world. We recognise these individual qualities together with their differences and variations of stages in development, and endeavour to accommodate these variables to optimise student learning outcomes.

As parents, you play a major role in your child’s educational development. Your positive attitude towards education, the teacher and school in general will assist in your child’s enthusiasm for learning. As a positive parent-teacher-student relationship is such an important factor in the education of children, we encourage your involvement in such opportunities.

Welcome to our school. Together we will endeavour to ensure the time spent at Miami State School by your child will be rewarding. We put “students first”.

It is our goal to ensure every day, in every lesson, every child is engaged, learning and succeeding through inclusive education practices. We seek to develop high order skills of analysis and problem solving while developing the whole child and instil a life time love for learning.

In preparing students for the 21st century and in order for them to be able to make positive contributions to the complex environmental, financial, political and social challenges we seek to do more than develop basic skills in reading, writing and numeracy and the fundamental understandings of science. In addition our school values, social and emotional learning program, camping program, sport and dance program, choir and instrumental music program and lote program. These programs complement the development of the whole child.

At Miami State School we acknowledge that we can no longer teach the answers to what they will need to know in this knowledge based economy fuelled by the rapid advancement of technology. We therefore accept that our challenge is to empower our students with the capacity to know how to think and be able to talk about their thinking.

Our school vision continues to guide our efforts to deliver improved outcomes for all students within a supportive school environment. The vision reflects our values and beliefs about education and community.

Our school motto is “growing with knowledge”.

We believe that every student is capable of learning and given the right conditions for learning should demonstrate continual progress and readily experience success. By promoting high expectations for all students we challenge the notion that ‘it is unreasonable to expect more from some students”. At Miami State School we establish ambitious but realistic goals that promote high expectations for every student in our school. It is important that students take responsibility for their own learning too. 

Getting the basics right by:

  • Being safe, being responsible, being respectful, being a learner;
  • Providing a positive, supportive approach to education using consistent language and maintaining clear goals and expectations;
  • Providing a formal curriculum (australian curriculum) where higher order thinking, explicit teaching and individual.

Support are integrated;

  • Tracking and celebrating student success;
  • Having students working at levels appropriate to their learning needs.

Developing students as people by:

  • Maintaining curriculum and teaching and learning which is relevant and negotiated;
  • Creating positive and open relationships between staff, students and parents;
  • Respecting and reflecting on each student’s individuality and diversity;
  • Valuing co-curricular activities as an important method of contributing to social and emotional learning, and being active;
  • Celebrating success.

Preparing students for the future by:

  • Providing flexible pathways that develop and enhance life, problem solving and risk taking skills;
  • Recognising multiple intelligences and engaging students in higher order thinking;
  • Providing an integrated curriculum which is technology rich and based on real life to achieve life-long learning;
  • Taking responsibility for collective purposes.

Involving community partnerships by:

  • Building unity and acceptance as a school community: promoting whole school activities;
  • Learning in a variety of community settings;
  • Promoting community awareness of school successes through a variety of media;
  • Providing a welcoming atmosphere for students, teachers, parents and the wider community;
  • Delivering a curriculum which is responsive and understood by the community;
  • Acknowledging feedback and critique as a whole school community to enable continual reflection and renewal.

Miami State School has a highly committed staff team. All staff: teaching and non-teaching, work as a team to provide an excellent educational facility and learning environment. We may go about things in different ways…However our values intersect……And we support our colleagues. We believe in ourselves and others. Ability is what we are capable of doing. Motivation determines what we do. Attitude determines how well we do it.

As a professional learning community our staff strives for new knowledge and share expertise, reaching for the pinnacle of success. They challenge themselves and others to take risks, set goals, and lead, releasing individual and team potential. Reflection of practice and an evidence based approach to continuous improvement in student outcomes remains their key focus.

Miami State School has very calm and aesthetically pleasing grounds which provide a positive backdrop for the day to day learning and growth of our students. Strong behavioural and academic expectations, a diverse range of extra-curricular activities, along with a highly developed support team provide students with every opportunity to maximise their potential. Students are provided with the tools to be independent and responsible for their educational, social and emotional learning.

I extend an open invitation to you to come and experience the difference that is Miami State School. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Jemille Malouf


Last reviewed 20 April 2020
Last updated 20 April 2020